With the facilities that we offer at Cooperativa Mamoncito, you have the opportunity to develop your personal or corporate business, fund it with fresh capital, acquire furniture or machinery and technologies that will put you at the forefront in your area, whether it is production or services.

To solve the needs of working capital, fixed assets, tangible or not, development of expansion projects, activities, advertising, new products, coverage of payroll and invoices, and more.


  • Be a member of COOPMAM (have an account).

  • Copy of identity and electoral card.

  • Commercial register

  • Copy of registration and licenses - if applicable-

  • One year of minimum operation (sustained).

  • financial statements

  • Financial statements, interim, CPA or audited (depending on the case and evaluation)

  • Very competitive rates and costs

  • It covers construction, agricultural, industrial, commercial, transportation and general service activities.

  • Deadlines in accordance with the productive cycle of the activity, the return on investment, cash flow capacity of the business or company.

  • Quick service and advice

  • Personalized.

  • Amounts according to the capacity and feasibility of the project.

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