Directors of Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc. call for a talk on breast cancer prevention

October 20 , 2022 | Return|

Last Wednesday, October 19, the Education Committee and the other management teams of this Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc., summoned the woman from Monzón to a talk on breast cancer prevention.
This activity was carried out within the framework of the educational program developed for the month of cooperativism. At the same time, an approach is made to our partners on this important issue. That every October, it is highlighted again to continue motivating prevention, reduction and education on the subject.
The activity had the central participation of Dr. Damaris Jerez Marizan, where dozens of members and associates of this organization gathered to learn about the prevention of this difficult disease. Also, Mr. Larry Mayrina, had a masterful speech to talk about the development that women have been having within the Dominican financial system, as well as to highlight the importance of continuing to work towards the financial inclusion of women as a source of equality, development and to continue eradicating marginalization, gender violence linked to finances and the financial gap between men and women.
The Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc. as part of its social responsibility program and as a socially sensitive organization, continues to run a series of events and activities for the benefit of our society and that translates into development for all Dominicans.

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