Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc. carries out a reforestation day planting more than 3,000 trees in Monción.

October 19 , 2022 | Return|

The Board of Directors of Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc. together with the General Management and the general coordination of the entity's Corporate Social Responsibility Unit, fulfilling one of the initiatives developed within its Social Responsibility Program, planted three thousand Caribbean pines during the reforestation day that took place in the municipality of Monción, last Sunday, October 9, 2022.

The forestry activity, carried out under the guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources and the support of the Sierra Plan, included the participation of collaborators of the entity and their families as an integration and environmental impact activity within the framework of the month of cooperativism and reforestation.

The general manager of Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc., Alfredo Dorrejo, thanked the host for the invitation made to the team, executives, directors and their families to participate in said institutional activity in favor of the preservation of the environment.

 “Planting trees is sowing life. Through initiatives like these we seek to preserve our natural resources”, he emphasized. The plants selected for this activity were Caribbean pines that are known to clean the air and attract rain. Very beneficial for the environment.

This day is one of the many activities that, in Cooperativa Mamoncito, Inc. are carried out by the CSR Unit that seeks to strengthen ties with the communities where our institution operates, as well as fulfill our commitment to work for a better future. for all Dominicans and Dominicans.

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